Christmas Wishlist

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Christmas Wishlist by little-garcon featuring loop scarves

It's that time of year, when pre-Christmas sales make everyone loose their shit and we all forget that this joyous season is supposed to be about being thankful, I think. But, in the spirit of being a capitalist consumer I thought it only makes sense to make my own Christmas wish-list and why not make a visual one on Polyvoree, it's kind of what it was made for. 

I'm not gonna lie I've definitely been eyeing some of the great deals on Modcloth and Urban Outfitters, but since my old-school parents are scared of buying things on the internet (they have a special low limit credit card in case Apple tries to steal their identity) Jake was the one who has received constant black friday/cyber monday sale updates. Hey, if you have to buy gifts they might as well be on sale, am I right? 

My family is really into Christmas, like we are that house on the street that people probably hate due to the Christmas light glare they have to endure from mid-November till New Years, but its our thing, so Christmas wish-lists are a necessity. The whole point is to put every imaginable thing you might want so that you have no clue what you'll actually end up getting, despite those key items. 

I actually already bought myself an early Christmas present, faux-pas I know. See that pretty little Macbook Pro in the corner there, yep she's on her way to my doorstep at this moment. Since moving in with my parents in September and finally finding a decent full-time job I've been able to save up some money and I thought it was time to treat myself. So merry Christmas to me!

Okay, enough babbling about my greediness, its time to watch Breaking Bad. 

Cheerio folks,


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Three x Three

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Where does the time go? Seriously, I'm pretty sure yesterday I was frolicking through the park in the sun and now I'm in full on hibernation mode due to the winter wonderland outside. But that's okay, I've got a nice cozy bed and Netflix, what more could one need to survive a Saskatchewan winter? 

  • We're in full-on holiday mode here at the Cooper household, as you can see. Remembrance Day weekend was filled with snow, family, Christmas music and decking the halls. Dad's light display this year isn't quite as extravagant as usual, but impressive none the less. I'm digging the newest addition -- the palm tree.
  • I've been overloading on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, despite the fact that I found out the Buffster is a Republican, I guess she went to the dark side after all. 
  • One of the few times I left the house other than for work, was to check out the A Tribe Called Red show. They remix traditional Pow Wow music with contemporary club sounds for one of the best dance parties around, things definitely got sweaty. Check out there music here
  • Forcing Jake to pose for pictures. 
  • Those red suede boots are the shoes of my dreams, but as per usual, a size too small. It seems like the Value Village in Regina is filled with amazing size 8 shoes, so if you are reading this and live in Regina with the magical size 8 foot, you need to run over there asap. 
  • Sad Christmas cowgirl. Oh, the things you find at the Dollarama. 
  • The coat that got away. I for some reason did not buy this amazing red coat. Well, it didn't have buttons or a zipper, just a tiny velcro closing and a belt. Gorgeous, but not so practical for Saskatchewan winters and yet it still haunts my dreams as the one that got away.

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Winter Shoe Porn Wishlist

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Winter Shoes by little-garcon featuring ballet flats

I don't know what it is, but I have been having some major shoe shopping urges lately. It could be the fact that I am finally employed again, or maybe it's just that I get paid weekly which makes me feel like I'm rich. Keyword here being feel.

I've also been trying to change my mindset when it comes to shoe shopping. I've been buying vintage/used shoes for the past year. To be honest most of the time the shoes end up falling apart way too soon, or they are unbearably uncomfortable. See, every time I find a pair of barely worn shoes at Value Village or the Salvation Army, my thought process always goes a little something like this.

"Score! Practically new shoes for crazy cheap prices!" Then I do a short victory dance and throw them in my basket before any other hipsters can start eying them up. I try them on, but for some reason in the fluorescent lights of VV they never seem to hurt my feet. That is, until I get them home and wear them out to the grocery store. Pretty much by the time I get to the end of the driveway I have blisters and blood everywhere. That's probably a little too graphic, but now I know you understand the intense pain I'm talking about.

Anyways, back to topic. I am trying to avoid used shoes unless they are worn around the store for at least a good 10 minutes, and pass the pain test. This means I'm trying to ease myself back into the world of full-priced new shoes. So, I thought the best way to make a pair of $70 shoes seem cheap was by drooling over a pair of $430 Rag & Bone oxfords. Feel free to play along or you know, share some of your own drool-worthy shoe porn in the comments below. 

Cheerio folks!


A Whole New World

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Life is not always an easy thing to keep up with, but Instagram sure does make it easier. Here's just a few snaps of my new life here in the prairies. It involves a lot of Roughrider green and white, cuddles with the pets and recently some Halloween fun.

I've been back in Saskatchewan for over a month now, but it still doesn't really feel like home, even though it is my original home, if that makes any sense. After being away for seven years it still feels almost exactly the same and yet completely different, which is pretty similar to how I see myself as of late.

I know this situation is temporary, but it doesn't make it feel any less confusing and kind of awkward. Moving back to Regina and into my parents basement sometimes feels like the twilight zone. Eating dinner with the rents every night almost makes me feel sixteen again, but thankfully this time around the teen angst is minimal and I have Jake to share in the experience. I'm sure the next couple months will fly by and when I'm boarding a plane to go teach in a foreign land all I'll be able to think about is mom's home cooked meals and the familiar Regina streets.

Until next time,


A Date Night Look at the Drive-In

I recently realized that I haven't actually posted an outfit, in probably over a year. I feel like that probably qualifies me as the worst "fashion blogger" ever, but let's not talk about that. Luckily, I convinced Jake to take a couple pics before our drive-in date night. Keep reading to get a reminder of what I look like.

  Details: Dress - Lavand via Ottawa boutique Victoire, Belt - thrifted, Sandals - Value Village (thrifted) Purse - Coach via Value Village, Sunnies - Joe Fresh
I'll be honest with you, these photos are actually a week old, from when we went to the drive-in in my last post. It was a little awkward being infront of the camera again, but we found a semi-secluded place, so at least only Jake had to witness some of my awkward posing. 

(Uh, the coolest, I know)
Let's have some real talk here though, this was good times, twirling around in the sun taking pictures. I think even Jake missed it. I guess after awhile, you stop caring that people are looking and just learn to enjoy it.


This dress was perfect for our date-night occassion, it looked good (essential for outfit photos) and it was comfortable for sitting through a double feature. It's also one of the first things I've bought in the past couple months, that wasn't thrifted or from work.

I find it hard to spend $100 on a dress, especially when I know I can only wear it two days out of the week. But, I try to remember, quality over quantity. I had to try on about 20 dresses, from at least five different stores before finding this gem, from Ottawa boutique, Victoire. In the end, it was worth every penny.

Have you had any luck finding the perfect summer dress yet?




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